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Cash-Covered Facilities

Cash-Covered Facilities


• This product will decentralize the processing and approval of cash covered facilities to have the same done at the branch.
• A limit of up to SSP 15M will be delegated to the Head of Personal Banking who will further delegate the limit to Branch Managers


Loan amount • The borrower’s total exposure should not exceed SSP 15m (or equivalent in foreign currency)
Facility pricing • Interest rate – Minimum margin of up to 10% above the fixed deposit rate
• Arrangement fees – 2%
Security • Same currency – 100% of funds held under lien or cash margin account
• Different currency – 110% of funds held under lien or cash margin account
Maximum tenor • As per the Bank Credit Risk Policy, However, the facility tenor should not exceed the fixed deposit maturity period
Method of Repayment Amortized over the tenor of the loan. Loan Repayment to include loan principal plus Interest amount.
Documentation • The facility will be available to existing bank customers who have held transactional accounts for a period of at least 3 months
• Customer to provide a signed application letter
• Standard KYC documents
• Letter of lien and set off. 3rd party letter of lien and set-off if the security is not in the borrower’s name. (Not applicable for cash margin)
• Fixed deposit to be liquidated and used to settle any loan arrears beyond 30 days.
• Margin of 10% to be maintained to cover variation and arrears at all times when facility is in existence.
• Fixed deposit principal to be rolled automatically upon maturity and mapped to mature into a take on account.
• Interest on funds held under lien to be credited to the client’s current/saving account upon maturity for amortizing facilities.
• Clients to be allowed to access headroom available against security held
• This product will also cover for administrative extensions (up to 90 days) and for renewals of cash covered facilities that meet the above parameters.


  • Quick processing of facilities requests

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