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Contract Financing

Contract Financing


Offers financing solutions to contractors to facilitate implementation of contracts until full completion.


Loan amount Up to 70% of the contract value
Security As per collaterals defined in the Bank Credit Risk Policy
Maximum tenor Up to 180 days
Method of Repayment Equal monthly instalments of principal and interest or monthly payment of interest and bullet payment of principal and interest at the end of the facility tenor.
Documentation • Borrower must be the main contractor or nominated sub-contractor
• The tenor of the contract to be not more than 24 months
• Client commitment to the project should not be less than 30%
• Borrower must have sound financing standing to meet contractual obligation
• Borrower must have been in the same line of business for not less than 3 years
• Sponsors include multinationals, local corporates, Non-Governmental Organizations and Government agencies and should be approved by the Bank.
• The borrower to show performance in at least 3 past contracts of similar complexity and nature.
• Not more than 50% financing on pre-implementation and 50% on post- implementation.
• Signed Contractual document should be submitted
• Confirmation letter from the sponsor giving an indication of contract awarded and that payments will be paid directly to the borrower’ account with Horizon Bank
• Certificates for payments to be approved by the sponsor before disbursements
• Certification   of completion   to   be   provided   where   applicable (part completion financing)
• Deed of Assignments of Benefits under contract in favor of the Bank


  • Tailor made to meet the borrowers need
  • Quick facility processing

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